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Fish Oil has numerous health benefits such as reducing cardiac-vascular diseases and maintaining blood pressure. It is a rich source of essential omega-3 fatty acids that are embedded into cell membranes of our body. These fatty acids are available in our body in the form of compounds called phospholipids.

Cell membranes are known to play a very crucial role of regulation of fluid intake that is introduced in cell membranes. The fluidity of these cell membranes is determined by the type of phospholipids that are available for body usage. Cell membranes composed of phospholipids are derived from essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that are more fluid and function well than cell membranes composed of saturated fat or trans fatty acids.

A cell membrane usually retains vital nutrients and electrolytes which gives it greater ability to communicate with other cells and a better response to the hormones.

A recent research conducted by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has proven that the crucial Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be connected to a reduce threat of cardiovascular disease and abnormal heart beats. Brain and cognitive performance is greatly improved by Fish Oil.

The research also indicates that intake reduces the slow age-related cognitive drop and assists in abbreviating irritation and arthritis soreness. Omega-3 fatty acids also contain important substances such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes which are known for immune functioning of muscles, platelet aggregation and inflammation. Fish oils also have an anti-inflammatory action from other types of fatty acids that help alleviate pain due to rheumatoid arthritis

The benefits of Fish Oil are many and if you don’t include in your diet, make sure you make take it in form of supplements that provide you with the required nutrition for better body metabolism.

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